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Finding the right car insurance policy for your family is more than just about saving money & finding discounts.  You want to be sure your family members, vehicle and assets are all protected in the event of an automobile accident. We work with clients throughout Dutchess County and Orange County  on car insurance, collectible car insurance, motorcycle insurance, and RV insurance. Bundling these coverages with home insurance or renters insurance can help you save money.

When you call us at (845) 561-1706, our staff is trained to ask the important questions and educate our customers regarding the risks associated with operating a  car or other motor vehicle.  We are standing by, ready to assist you in finding the car insurance policy that provides the coverage that is right for you including protection in the case of:

  • Bodily Injury
  • Personal Injury
  • Uninsured Auto
  • Underinsured Auto
  • Property Damage
  • Collision
  • Comprehensive
  • Substitute Transportation
  • Towing and Labor

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Teen Drivers
Our goal in helping families with new drivers on the road is to help them understand their risks, and help them to protect their assets.  We help to educate you on the most effective and affordable way to insure your teen driver, while reducing your risks and liability.

We work to educate our customers on the various driver safety programs in our area, including:

Defensive Driving Classes, taught by our own, Cathy Masztalics, or online.
The Not One More Campaign, which was administered by Orange Ulster Boces and the Orange County United Way.

In addition to these programs, several of our carriers offer unique programs geared specifically for teen drivers, including:

The Teen Insurance Program offered by Safeco
Teen Driving information available on the New York Central Mutual website.


When it comes to the safety of our teens… NOTHING is more important than getting all the facts.

Facts about Teen Driving Fatalities

  •  Motor vehicle crashes were the leading cause of death among 13 -19 year olds in the United States
  •  Speeding was involved in 30% of the fatal crashes that occurred on dry roads, and nearly 60% of those that occurred on icy roads.
  •  Cell phone use is responsible for a quadrupling of motor vehicle crashes.

Find out more at a FREE presentation of our program titled:
Preventing Teen Fatalities Behind the Wheel

During this informational presentation, we educate parents & their teen drivers about the challenges teens are faced with every time they get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.

To find out more about any of our teen driving programs, please call our personal insurance group at 845-561-1706 or, to get a live quote, click here.

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Privacy Policy

At William A. Smith & Son, Inc. our goal is to professionally and respectfully serve the personal and business insurance needs of our insureds and claimants. Information which you provide or we collect about you when you apply for insurance or when you file a claim helps us to achieve that goal. You provide us with most of the information about you that we use in evaluating your application and servicing your insurance policy or your claim. This enables us to provide coverage to you at the best price or to service your claim promptly and fairly.

We know that the trust of our insureds and claimants is our most important asset. This includes the trust that we will keep the information about you secure and treat it only as permitted by law. This disclosure and notice tells you about the privacy policy we have adopted and the practices we use in handling this information.

1. Information We Collect:
We collect nonpublic personal information about you from the following sources:

  • Information we receive from you on applications or other forms;
  • Information about your transactions with us, our affiliates or others;
  • Information we receive from a consumer reporting agency; and
  • Information we receive from a department of motor vehicles and from a Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange


Unless it is specifically stated otherwise in an amended Privacy Policy Notice, no additional information will be collected from you.

2. Information we may disclose to third parties:
We do not disclose any nonpublic personal information about our customers or former customers to anyone, except as permitted by law.

3. Our practices regarding information confidentiality and security:
We restrict access to nonpublic personal information about you to those employees who need to know that information in order to provide products and services to you. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards that comply with federal regulations to guard your nonpublic personal information.

4. Reservation of the right to disclose information in unforeseen circumstances:

In connection with potential sale or transfer of its interests William A. Smith & Son, Inc. and its affiliates reserve the right to sell or transfer your information (including, but not limited to, your name, address, age, sex, zip code, state and country of residency and other information that you provide through other communications) to a third party entity that 1) concentrates its business in a similar practice or service; 2) agrees to be William A. Smith & Son, Inc.’s successor in interest with regard to the maintenance and protection of the information collected; and 3) agrees to the obligations of this privacy statement.


Compensation Disclosure

Dear Clients and Prospects:

The State of New York and many other states require that Insurance Producers and Agencies disclose how they are compensated by Insurance Companies. William A. Smith & Son, Inc. and its affiliates and subsidiaries receive various forms of compensation or commission from the insurance companies we place insurance policies with. Below is an outline of this compensation. More detailed information is available if you require it, pursuant to the Insurance Department Regulations.

This information is provided pursuant to New York State Insurance Department Regulation 194 (11NYCRR30.3).

  1. Compensation.  Based on the sale of the insurance selected by you (“the purchaser”), the total compensation expected to be received by Smith William A & Son Inc. , Orange Benefits Partners or William A. Smith & Son Insurance Agency, LLC (“the producer”), including by any parent, subsidiary or affiliate of the producer,  is as follows:Known Compensation.  The producer (including any parent, subsidiary or affiliate of the producer) expects to receive a  percent of the one-year premium you pay on this policy.

    Estimated unknown additional compensation.  Based on some sales of insurance, the producer (including any parent, subsidiary or affiliate of the producer) may be eligible to receive additional compensation depending on a number of factors including premium and policy volume, losses and profitability.  If an estimate appears below, the sale of the insurance selected by the purchaser may help the producer (including any parent, subsidiary or affiliate of the producer) qualify to receive additional compensation, the exact amount of which is unknown at this time.      Unknown compensation is estimated to be 0% to 3%.

  2. Producer prohibited from rebating compensation.  There are a number of sections of the Insurance Law that pertain to rebating and inducements and each has specific applicability to different kinds of insurance.  Collectively those provisions prohibit an authorized insurer, licensed insurance producer, or any person acting on behalf of any such insurer or insurance producer from directly or indirectly paying or offering to pay an insured any rebate from the insurance premium specified in the insurance policy or contract, or giving or offering to give any valuable consideration or inducement, not specified in the insurance policy or contract.
  3. Material Ownership.  The insurer issuing the insurance contract to the purchaser (including any parent, subsidiary or affiliate of the insurer) has material ownership interest in the producer (including any parent, subsidiary or affiliate of the producer), as follows:  None

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