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Is your New York State based Sports team or league looking for insurance?

As the snow begins to melt in the Northeast, it’s time for outdoor sports to kick back up. Whether it’s Lacrosse, Soccer, Baseball, Softball, Volleyball, Swimming, Equestrian, Gymnastics or other sports, many of your liability concerns are the same.

These include making sure you are protected when you and your teams travel or host other teams. If you are the Coach, making sure your personal assets aren’t at risk. If you are a parent, making sure the organization is screening their volunteers or employees who will be working with your children.

I’ve been involved in many facets of organized youth sports and can help you through all of these areas. Such as waivers, volunteer screening resources, facility inspection suggestions and other areas.  I can also help find you an affordable and solid insurance carrier to meet your needs.

If you are involved in Sports, what keeps you up at night?